Critically evaluating the energy gaps in the existing health systems, while innovating on energy efficiency and optimization of technology to increase the delivery of healthcare

An understanding about the energy needs of the Health Centres is a crucial first step for assessing the gaps in energy access. But there is also a need to go a step beyond, and understand delivery of health services from the end user perspective. While current efforts across the sector look at understanding the energy gap in health delivery, SELCO Foundation aims to look at developing holistic solutions that challenge the standard operational models, delivery models, and technology to redefine ‘affordability’ and quality at the last mile.

With improvements in technology, as more energy efficient appliances become available, power requirements may be significantly reduced- but this requires a thorough understanding of the varying contexts and needs at the ground level.

The health vertical under the SELCO Foundation serves as a back end lab for health implementation partners, ground knowledge resource for technology innovators, that lack the research or due diligence capacity for technologies, built environments and delivery mechanisms.


Efficient Vaccine Storage

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Solar Looms

Developing a thriving ecosystem for decentralized

Energy Centers

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Blacksmithy Blower

Renewable energy solution combined with affordable

Labour Monitering Tool

Labour monitoring at Health Sub Centres or Primary

Solar Powered Health Clinic

The clinics promote wellbeing in living and workin


Efficiency in built infrastructure of health cente

Portable Housing

Improved temporary housing solutions for migrant s


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