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Based on SELCO’s 22 years of experience, it was observed that there is a lack of products in the market that have been tested in the field. Existing test centers do not always consider field based parameters in the lab testing. This results in products that don’t meet field conditions and are not conducive to ground level implementation or result in constant technological issues on the ground. Product testing is also a cost and time intensive task and small energy enterprises lack the bandwidth to undertake this sort of testing in-house. Consequently, the product offerings that can be made to end users are restricted.

The technology and design team aims to identify these key technology barriers, which limit the ability of practitioners in India (and across the world) from extending energy access to unserved and underserved communities. Through a dual approach of field inputs, in-house lab tests and R&D partnerships the team intends to fulfill the technology and R&D needs of social enterprises working in the decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector for underserved communities. It is structured to cater to the need for quantitative or data-backed decision making while selecting components for the systems, to be a testing and pilot resources for innovative customized technical solutions, and to bring to the frontline new and emerging technology developments in clean energy targeted at social enterprises working with underserved communities.


Low Income Housing

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Global Replication

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Efficient Vaccine Storage

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Innovation & Sustainability Education Program

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LSK (Lok Seva Kendra)

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Training of Trainers

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Clean Cooking

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Natural Lighting

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Solar Looms

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University Engagement Program

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Home Lighting

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Light For Education

Solar powered Lighting for underprivileged student

Digital Education Program

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Invention and Sustainability Education

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Silk reeling

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Inventing Green

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Grid Integrated Minigrid System

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Energy Centers

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Portable Water Pump

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Labour Monitering Tool

Labour monitoring at Health Sub Centres or Primary

Sewing Machine

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Roti Rolling

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Solar Powered Health Clinic

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